Getting Started

Getting Started

Access the system

By default if you are in development there is a proxy running on port 8080 that redirects to the next.js app on port 3000 and the api on port 3001 and the admin-api on port 3002. You can go to apps/proxy/index.ts to change defaults or add more services like the expo app.

Once the Next.js app is running you can go to http://localhost:8080 to see the web app.


If you have problems accessing the services, remember to check your firewall configuration.

🙋‍♂️ Adding a user

The first time you run the starter you won't have users. You can easily create one by registering throught the interface at http://localhost:8080/auth/register, but this one will be a normal user.

If you want to create an admin user you can do it using CLI by running the following command:

yarn add-user [email protected] password admin
# yarn add-user [your-email] [your-password] [user-type]

Or if you started with Docker:

cd docker

We've just created a user with admin type!

🛠️ Building and Customizing your Project

The admin panel is the place that allow you to customize your aplication and services there you can create and manage your system entities, like pages, apis, devices, users, objects, etc... To learn more about the admin panel, click here.


The admin panel requires to have a user with admin. Once you've logged in with and admin account, you will be able to access the admin panel.